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Inauguração do Centro de Acolhimento Temporário para Crianças Refugiadas, Casa Caçula
Inauguração do Centro de Acolhimento Temporário para Crianças Refugiadas, Casa Caçula
Lisboa, 15 de Maio de 2012 see more: Inauguração do Centro de Acolhimento Temporário para Crianças Refugiadas, Casa Caçula


Mrs Maria Cavaco Silva Speeches

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Apresentação da Campanha do Pirilampo Mágico 2007 (5)
Apresentação da Campanha do Pirilampo Mágico 2007 (7)

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Speech addressed by Mrs. Maria Cavaco Silva in the opening session of the 2007 Magic Glow-worm Campaign
Auditorium of the Pavilion of Knowledge, Parque das Nações, 3 May 2007

Good afternoon.

I am not going to address anyone in particular, but to all of you as friends. Friendship because this is the reason why we are all involved in a project. And this is what is happening here today, and has been so for the last 21 years.

A short time ago the girls and boys of a school in Leiria sent me a collection of 37 lovely postcards, with poems chosen by them and by their teachers, a choice included in the Read + of the National Reading Plan.

I adored both the idea and the choice. One of the poems, by Sidónio Muralha, started:

From my bedroom I see
A little star
Very tiny

Since spring, in spite of the many pranks played on us lately, was already in the air, I immediately thought about the Magic Glow-worm, which usually twinkles a little more at this time of the year.

And really it wasn’t too long until I received the invitation for the annual party of this magic little animal which, as I mentioned last year, twinkles in a very dark night.

But please note, what I mean is that the Magic Glow-worm usually sheds more light in the season of the Campaign.

But I wish, and I am certain we all wish, that the magic of this project remains with us during the whole year.

A little more generosity is asked for once a year.

But, as the equitable community which we want to be, which we have the moral obligation to be, we know that our senses cannot be just attentive during one campaign. They must be more attentive during one campaign.

This is a permanent reality.

Some of us, those who were not directly affected, or indirectly through members of the family and friends, by the difference, can sometimes have a rest.

“FENACERCI has existed for 22 years – we think, with a certain appeasement – it works so well. There are so many well intentioned souls actively and permanently fighting against the indifference that reaches the difference.
Let me place a little on one side the reality that hurts me so much. Such as it is, I cannot really do anything. Or there isn’t much I can do!”

This is where we are mistaken. During this last year I have seen examples of so many who maybe thought they were incapable of doing anything, and after all were capable of everything.

I render here my humble homage to the women and men which I have been meeting and who, from an adversity, were able to build an opportunity, for their loved ones as well as for themselves.

We are celebrating the European Year of Equal Opportunities for all.

We have many years of, many days of.

Let us hope they don’t remain in the drawer or just as intentions.

That they are really taken advantage of, not only to alert, but to put definite plans into practice.

This year’s Magic Glow-worm Campaign, with that idea in mind, has found a slogan to condense its objectives

No to Indifference, make the Difference.

Let us bring the different nearer to us so that we can all become more equal.

If I have learnt anything in this year, from the rich and friendly contact with the different and with those that work with them, it is that society, whilst ignoring or marginalizing handicapped persons, is not only getting lost, it is also missing many opportunities.

If society exerts itself in breaking the barriers, I have no doubts that we will be very agreeably surprised.

In the 4th Campaign of the Route for Inclusiveness of Handicapped People, the idea that we wanted to pass on – I so much hope it did – was this: society does and can do a lot for handicapped people, but handicapped people can do a lot for society, if they’re given an opportunity.

This is true. And I saw it happen in my Country.

I saw, in my Country, different persons producing equal things in factories demanding accuracy.

I saw, in my Country, different persons singing and playing various instruments.

I saw, in my Country, different persons working with art on ceramics, on “papier mâché”, with oil paints, with water colours.

I saw, in my Country, different persons stage acting.

I saw, in my Country, different persons giving piano recitals.

I saw, in my Country, different persons competing in demanding sports events.

Please believe.

Let us all make the difference!

You will see that it is really worth while.

And, as I said last year, it won’t be at all hard.

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