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Visita ao Serviço de Pediatria do Hospital Central de Maputo
Visita ao Serviço de Pediatria do Hospital Central de Maputo
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Mrs Maria Cavaco Silva Speeches


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Speech delivered by Mrs. Cavaco Silva at the Opening ceremony of the Magic Glow Worm Campaign
Lisbon, 7 May 2008

You all know that with the arrival of Spring (even if the weather man does not make it so) the magic glow worms start to fly.

Flying from one hand to another.

The little creature is already 22, which for an insect is a fairly long life, but its magic powers allow it never to grow old, and to change its colour every year, to pretend it is another.

But we know he is always the same. What he has, however, is the power of renewal and wants us also to have the power to renew our hearts so that we can continue, as if it were the very first time, to appeal for help for the causes he sponsors, but which are ours.

I don’t even want to deliver a speech. Words are gone with the wind.

What I really want is to have the magic of the little green creature to call on and drag many others to this cause which belongs to all of us, as the dedicated and humanitarian people we want to be, which it is our duty to be.

This year our glow worm decided to become an athlete, and with good reason.

In the Special Olympics World Games, in May 2007 in Shanghai, our athletes proudly brought back to Portugal 17 medals gained in various events.

Football – a gold medal.

Athletics – four gold medals.

Golf – one gold and one silver medal.

Swimming – four gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

And one silver and one bronze medal in artistic gymnastics.

As you can see, our little magic creature has every reason to be vain with the sports achievements of his friends who travelled to Shanghai. And with all the others who did not but could have gone.

And we have the duty to cooperate in this campaign organized by “Fenacerci”, which has approximately fifty associates and reaches out to more than seven thousand people with special needs.

Let us all join our magic Glow Worm in the sports fields.

Portugal will not be the sole winner.

Each one of us will also be a winner with the feeling that he is doing what he should.

And, as I usually say every year: it isn’t hard and you will later find out how well you feel. 

Thank you very much!

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