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Cerimónia de agraciamento do Eng. António Guterres
Cerimónia de agraciamento do Eng. António Guterres
Palácio de Belém, 2 de fevereiro de 2016 see more: Cerimónia de agraciamento do Eng. António Guterres

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The Web Accessibility Symbol does not guarantee that this site is 100% accessible. Use of this symbol only demonstrates an effort to increase the site’s accessibility in accordance with Council of Ministers’ Resolution 97/99 on the accessibility of the public administration’s sites on the Internet for citizens having special needs;

Focus on accessibility in the Portal

The Official Portal of the Presidency of the Republic is particularly concerned with accessibility for people with special needs (persons with disabilities and the elderly). To a large degree the Portal meets the international accessibility standards for Web contents, making things easier for those accessing the site using access technologies.

Even for those who do not have these technologies, the Portal is able to read itself aloud. The voice is of high quality and this function is very useful for the blind and the elderly.

From the accessibility standpoint, the Portal’s structure has been carefully designed, allowing blind users to take utmost advantage of their screen reading technologies.

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