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Visita ao Hospital das Forças Armadas
Visita ao Hospital das Forças Armadas
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The Civil House provides the President of the Republic with consultancy, analysis, information and technical support services.

It comprises the Head of the Civil House and various advisers, assistants and secretaries.

The Civil House also has a body of specialist consultants.

There is also an administrative support nucleus.


The Civil House is organised on the basis of a number of specific areas providing support to the activities of the President of the Republic. In accordance with the established criteria and with its duties and responsibilities, the organisation of the Civil House is currently as follows:

Head of the Civil House

The Head of the Civil House is responsible for its management and ensures the administrative and financial co-ordination of the various bodies and services of the Presidency of the Republic.

The administrative and financial duties that are legally entrusted to the Presidency of the Republic and are not the responsibility of any other of its bodies are exercised by the Head of the Civil House.

The Head of the Civil House represents the President of the Republic as and when the President so determines.


Head of the Civil House

– José Manuel Nunes Liberato

Adviser to the President of the Republic
– Ana Palha

– Teresa Sanches

International Relations

– Luísa Bastos de Almeida

– Maria Manuel Morais e Silva

– Sandra Magalhães

Consultant for International Relations and Portuguese Communities
– Paulo Lopes Graça

Political Affairs

Adviser for Parliamentary Affairs and Local Government
– Nuno Sampaio
– Ademar Vala Marques
– António Araújo
Consultant for Political and Society Affairs
– José Luís Jacinto
– Fernando Lima
- Teresa Byrne

Legal and Constitutional Affairs

– Ana Martinha

– Gonçalo Matias

Consultant for Justice Affairs
– António Macedo Almeida

Youth, Education, Science and the Environment

Adviser for Education
– Suzana Toscano

Consultant for Environment, Science and the Sea
- Tiago Pitta e Cunha

Consultant for Youth Affairs and Sports
- Carla da Cruz Mouro

Economic and Corporate Affairs

– Joaquim José Miranda Sarmento

Consultant for Economic Affairs
– Luís Bernardes

Consultant for Economic Affairs
– João Borges de Assunção

Consultant for Corporate Affairs
– Pedro de Almeida

Consultant for the Innovation
– Jorge Portugal

Consultant for Agriculture and Fisheries
– Maria do Céu Patrão Neves

Social Affairs

– David Justino

Consultant for Health Affairs
– Manuel Antunes
Consultant for Health Policy Affairs
– Clara Carneiro
Consultant for Employment Affairs
- António Nunes de Carvalho
Consultant for Social Affairs
– Maria Luísa Cunha

Cultural Affairs

– Diogo Pires Aurélio

– Ana Maria Bustorff Martinho

The Media

– José Carlos Vieira

– Ana Zita Gomes

The First Lady's Office

– Margarida Mealha


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