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Cerimónia de agraciamento do Eng. António Guterres
Cerimónia de agraciamento do Eng. António Guterres
Palácio de Belém, 2 de fevereiro de 2016 see more: Cerimónia de agraciamento do Eng. António Guterres


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President congratulates D. Manuel Clemente upon his appointment as Cardinal

The President of the Republic addressed a message of congratulations to the Patriarch of Lisbon, D. Manuel Clemente, upon his being appointed a Cardinal by Pope Francis.

Following is the text of the congratulatory message from President Cavaco Silva:

“The announcement of the appointment of the Lisbon Patriarch, D. Manuel Clemente, as a Cardinal, confirms the uniqueness of the historical relationship between Portugal and the Roman Catholic Church.

The human dimension of the new Portuguese Cardinal, his contribution in the fields of science and culture, and his experience in the exercise of the episcopal magistracy are public and unequivocal proof that we are facing an individuality that is notably distinguished by doctrine, piety and prudence.

On this occasion, I address D. Manuel Clemente my respectful congratulations for this distinction and for the appreciation shown by His Holiness Pope Francis.

Aníbal Cavaco Silva”


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