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President Cavaco Silva sent condolences to Family of Architect Nuno Teotónio Pereira

The President of the Republic addressed a message of condolences to the Family of Architect Nuno Teotónio Pereira.

Following is the text of the message from President Cavaco Silva:

“Upon receiving the news of the passing away of Architect Nuno Teotónio Pereira I address the bereaved Family my deepest condolences,

Throughout a notable career, often prized with prestigious awards, Nuno Teotónio Pereira was one of the most relevant Portuguese architects in the 20th century, author of emblematic buildings which are fascinating due to their rigorous beauty and design.

Architect Nuno Teotónio Pereira was also a militant driven in the defence of freedom, before and after 25 April 1974. He stood out as a catholic oppositionist and, later, as a defender of the independence of African peoples. He fought with his life, with unswerving faith, against all manners of oppression.

In this hour of mourning, Portugal recalls a man of principles and character, who gave the best of himself to his country and to the cause of human rights all over the world.

Aníbal Cavaco Silva”


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