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José Manuel Carreira

Computer Engineer, aged 28

Born in Arouca (Portugal). A graduate in computer engineering, he works for Siemens Luxembourg since 2001 as a computer engineer, designing and executing information and training systems.

He has been in charge since slightly more than a year, in the largest metallurgical group in the world, for the study and application of an information system allowing the digitalization, publication and recording of juridical documents accessible all over the world.

As an elector he has taken part in the communal elections in Sandweller where he resides, but intends in the next few years to have an active participation in local associations or politics.

Professionally he wishes to continue to carry out both small and large information projects, easing and accelerating the treatment of information.

Personally he wishes to constitute a family and give it a comfortable and stable existence.

Should he be able to export anything to Portugal, it would be the ease of access to employment in information technology, near to the family. Conversely, he would wish to import into Luxembourg the sun, the beaches and the Portuguese good spirits.


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