Message from the Supreme Commander

The History of the Armed Forces is deeply associated and inseparable from the History of Portugal.

The Armed Forces are a structured institution with a national identity, a fundamental component of national sovereignty and a crucial instrument of the external component of defence policy.

It is important that the Portuguese people are well aware that our Armed Forces have shown exemplary skills, both internally, within the scope of missions of sovereignty, exercising the military defence of the national territory and in other missions in the interest of the public, promoting the well being of the people, and in the external missions to which they have been detached, bringing prestige to the Country and contributing to the strengthening of its international situation.

I consider the strengthening of the cohesion and the prestige of the military institution of great relevance, and an objective that must be permanently kept under prior review by all policy makers.

As Supreme Commander I wish to publicly demonstrate my recognition and deep appreciation for the role that the Armed Forces have performed in the preservation of national values and of our identity as a nation.

The future of the Armed Forces will also certainly be inseparable from the future of Portugal.

Aníbal Cavaco Silva