Note from the President

Hope, confidence and a sense of future.

There are three simple ideas that we must bear in mind when speaking of Portugal and of the challenges that face us: hope, confidence and a sense of future.

Hope, for we know the way in which the Portuguese react in the most adverse of situations. On more than one occasion the wisdom and political maturity of our people have allowed solutions to be found for problems apparently hard to overcome.

Confidence, for this could be the key to taking up, once again, a rate of economic growth essential to the progress and wellbeing that we all desire. Only with confidence can we strengthen co-operation between institutions and sovereign bodies and their relations with the citizens, in order to bring about the goal of a more developed, more cohesive Portugal.

Sense of future, for together we must be able to reinvent a course to guide us and to mobilise us, one that will prepare us for the challenges of the new technologies, for the construction of a more dynamic, more modern Europe.

I firmly believe that the President of the Republic can make an invaluable contribution to bringing these ideas to fruition.

In greeting you through this site, my intention is to provide yet another sign with a view to involving every one of the Portuguese in this ambitious project of building a better future for Portugal.

AnÝbal Cavaco Silva

Aníbal Cavaco Silva